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Rc Car Ball Bearings,Rc Model Car Bearing,Rc Sealed Bearings - PYC

PYC bearing is a specialized manufacturer of rc car ball bearings,rc model car bearing ,rc sealed bearings.

Currently, our rc bearings contains the following types,








RC car ball bearings for all your hobby needs. 1/12, 1/10, 1/8, 1/5 and 1/4 scale for RC cars, trucks, monster trucks, truggies and buggies. Also great for projects that require ball bearing like gear box repair, robotic construction, compound bows, electric motors.

New MX & Ceramic MX Bearings : As radio controlled engines have evolved they have become more powerful, use more nitro fuel and come under greater thrust loads, than in the past.

Econo Series: Designed with the price conscious hobbyist in mind. The Econo Series are a comparable replacement to your current model's stock set of bearings.

High Speed/High Heat Series: Designed with two different types of non-metallic retainers, Polymite Plastic (TH9) and Phenolic Fiber (THB). This one piece design allows for higher RPM's, the non-metallic retainer reduces bearing corrosion and the C3 fit allows for heat expansion and freer rotation.

Stainless Steel Series: The Stainless Steel Series will withstand more moisture or water submersion than our chrome steel RC bearings.

High Performance Series: Designed with our exclusive 2RU rubber seal technology. The High Performance Series were created specifically to eliminate fuel leakage problems.

Ceramic Premium Series: It is more durable, capable of achieving much higher RPM's as well as capable of handling drastically higher temperatures. Our Premium Series are ABEC #3, 5 & 7's and guarantied to withstand much higher levels of nitro than our standard RC bearings.

Ceramic/High Performance Series: This is the ultimate combination of cutting edge ceramic technology and our exclusive 2RU rubber seals. If you want to pamper your engine, this is the way to do it!



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