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PYC bearing is a specialized manufacturer of one way bearing,one way bearings,rc one way bearing,rc one way bearings,rc one-way bearing,rc one-way bearings.

The one-way bearing (or freewheeling unit as it is more commonly known in full size aviation) is the central bearing in the main gear assembly, that allows the main gear (and the tail drive gear / pulley) to spin freely in the event of the engine or motor stopping. When under power, the one-way bearing locks the gear and shaft together so they spin as one. This allows the main rotor to spin freely during autorotation while still driving the tail rotor so tail control authority is maintained throughout the auto.

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Product Tables

8x14x12 One Way Bearing
8x12x12 One Way Bearing
6x10x12 One Way Bearing
4x6x8 One Way Bearing
3x6x3.5 One Way Bearing


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