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PYC bearing is a specialized manufacturer of precision ceramic bearings.



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PYC precision ceramic bearing are which grade of P4 and P5 consult the GB/T 307.1-94. It make up of steel rings and ceramic balls. The list fellow is the advantage as the sealed miniature precision bearings .

1,Higher speed
?? For the value of density, Si3N4 ceramic balls is just 42% as the steel balls. Because of this, the centrifugal force and the moment of top reduced, and then the tangent stress and energy wasted will be reduced while the bearing running on high speeds. Finally, the limiting speeds and running time were increased.

2,Longer running time
????It is mentioned above that less density bring on a longer running time while the ceramic balls using in a bearing. Except that, the value that the rolling parameter divided by glide parameter of the Si3N4 ceramic balls is bigger in comparison with steel balls. The value of distension of Si3N4 ceramic balls is just 29% in comparison with steel balls, this reduce the preload. All mentioned the front make the temperature gained less, and bring on longer running time.

3,High rigidity
????The value of elasticity modulus of Si3N4 ceramic is 1.5 times of what steel is. Therefore, using precision ceramic bearing make a better rigidity of the spindle system, and it especially suitable for the high-speed spindle.

4,Difficult to be sinter
????It difficult to be sinter with
precision small bearings rings when ceramic balls lost lubrication for a short time. And can be work again after resume lubrication.
With this, the reliability of the bearing was improved, and also the machines.

5,Insulating ability
????Si3N4 is a nonmagnetic and insulating material. The losing energy caused by backset will be reduced and then the bearing running longer, if the precision ceramic bearing using for spindles.

6,Precision ceramic balls
The material of Si3N4 could manufacture to a greater precision because of the good machining property, though it machining difficulty vary mach. From 1/8(3.175mm) to 1-1/4(31.750mm) , the PYC ceramic balls are all obtain the precision of grade 3, which the least deviation from spherical form is 0.04|m and the best surface roughness is 0.007|m. It is ascertained precision ceramic balls bring on the bearing running longer.

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