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Hybrid Bearings,Hybrid Bearing,Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - PYC

PYC bearing is a specialized manufacturer of hybrid bearings,hybrid bearing,ceramic hybrid bearings,ceramic hybrid bearing,hybrid ball bearings,hybrid ball bearing,ceramic hybrid ball bearings,full ceramic bearings .

Conventional all steel bearings limit design potential as technology requirements roll forward at a fantastic rate. Ceramic Hybrid bearings using Silicon Nitride balls (Si3N4) meet and exceed today?s high tech requirements, offering a long list of characteristics far superior to that of conventional all-steel bearings.

PYC bearings are most sought after for use in applications such as; slot bearings , yoyo bearings , airsoft bearings , fishing bearings , rc bearings , skateboard bearings .

Chrome ceramic hybrid

1) High precision bearings,P4 ,P5 and P6.
2) Rings are made of refined Chrome steel.AISI52100 (100Cr6)
3) Cage:Peek cage .(can assure constant working under 250 centigrade and peek cage also is the ideal cage for the high speed as it can provide the lubrication during  bearing working, and it has the property of self-lubrications.However for normal applications, steel cage and Nylon cage is enough.
4) Balls: we use G3,G5 high precision Si3N4 ball for the high speed.
5) Radial clearance: Normal C0,or C3.
6) Not only for the high speed, but also Hybrid bearings has the insulation functions. Hence for the small size of bore dia.40mm ,also can be used for the insulation bearing purpose.
7) Full ball hybrid also can be produce as per our production picture.

Stainless steel hybrid

Inner ring material: SUS 440, AISI 304, or AISI 316
Outer ring material: SUS 440C,AISI 304,or AISI 316
Ball: Ceramic ZRO2, OR SI3N4.(G5)
Cage :Stainless steel, Nylon 66, PTFE,PEEK ,Brass or as per your request For the application of self-lubrication and high speed with our P5 precisions.
Normal P0,P6 also available as per request.

You can see the complete Bearings Tables of our products here.



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