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Special Bearings


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Special Bearing

Special Bearings

According to the customers' requirements, our special engineer can design and produce all kinds of nonstandard bearings.

Special Bearings Features :   
1) Special-purpose bearings are designed to meet special machinery or wording conditions, like forklift bearings, textile bearings, bearings for embroidery machinery, auto bearings, agricultural bearings, plastic bearing, ceramic bearings, bearings with groove on outer rings, round table bearings

2) Non-standard bearings are designed to meet different kinds of special requirements. We can well design and supply all kinds of non-standard bearings

3) Pressed bearings are very well designed by us and very popular among our customers. They have single row or double row radial ball bearings, thrust ball bearings etc, mainly ordered according to clients' samples or drawings

Applications :   
Can be used in automatic transmission mechanisms such as home appliance motors, motorcycles, power tools, sports goods, and office appliances

Catalog :
Nylon Pulley Bearings
pressed bearings
Castors Pulley
Plastics Pulley
Conveyor Wheel
Conveyor Wheel Bearings
Unground Low Carbon Steel Bearings
Nylon Window Pulley
Conveyor Bearings for Rollers
Pressed Thrust Bearings



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