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What size bearings does Lily Bearings manufacture?

Lily Bearings is the specialized manufacturer of miniature and instrument ball bearings. Our smallest bearing has an outside diameter of 1mm.

Why are Lily's bearings separated in metric and inch series?

Lily bearings follow the worldwide bearing sizing standards. These standards have resulted in two types of bearings, the metric and theinch. A standard bearing refers to a bearing that is in such worldwide demand that large volumes are produced. This virtually guarantees continuity of supply while assuring pricing benefits for your OEM requirements.

What materials are Lily bearings manufactured from?

Lily bearings produces bearings with many types of material:
Stainless Steel Bearings
Chrome Steel Bearings
Carbon Steel Bearings
Ceramic Bearings

What are shields and seals, and which one is better?

Shields and seals are in place to keep contamination out of the bearing. In order of effectiveness, the enclosures that are offered are as follows: metal shields, rubber non-contact seals, teflon non-contact seals, and rubber contact seals. As the sealing performance is increased, the torque to turn the bearing will also increase. It is important to know the application's condition and life requirements so the best shield or seal choice can be made.

What is ABEC?

ABEC is the acronym for the Annular Bearing Engineers Committee, the standards committee of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). The ABMA is the organization that set the grades of bearing tolerance accuracy. Higher ABEC level means greater accuracy for bearing dimensions and internal runouts in the manufacturing processes. This dimensional control includes tolerances for outside diameters, inside diameters, width, and various runouts within the bearing. ABEC grade does not control roundness, raceway smoothness, or noise performance.

Does a higher ABEC mean a quieter bearing?

For Lily bearings, a separate noise rating controls noise performance. This rating and its meaning can be found in the Part Numbering Section. Another major factor affecting noise performance is the grease type. For very quiet running, the selection of a quiet grease is very important. Handling, installation and use of preload will also ensure the quietest possible operation.

What grease is best?

Grease selection will depend on the application conditions. With a wide variety of greases available, solutions are available for most requirements. There is, however, no perfect grease. Each grease has good points, but will fall short in other areas. High temperature greases will not be able to handle very high loads. Quiet greases will break down at high temperature, etc. It is important to know what the application requirements will be so that the best grease can be recommended. Lubrication information are available for your review.

How fast can a bearing rotate?

The speed of a bearing will depend on the bearing size, the lubrication used, the bearing material, the cage material and how long the life requirement is. Bearings can typically rotate at high speeds with good life performance. The speed rating section contains information on ring rotation. Speed ratings are also listed as part of the index section.

How can I make sure I select the right bearing for my application?

We strongly suggest you Contact our bearing application engineers at the time of your design specifications. Lily bearings offers an experienced sales and engineering staff to help in the design and selection process, insuring your success.

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